Quick facts

PC, Steam 2022 (estimate)
In development
Since 2018
Indie solo developer
Realistic racer with track editor


RaceLeague is a multiplayer racing game with heavy focus on user-created tracks.

Have you always wanted to race on your own race track designs?

Do you like close-quarter racing?

How about beating everyone on online leaderboards?


The game has been deeply inspired by racing games where you can create your own tracks, such as GeneRally (2002) and Stunts (1992).

The racing gameplay tries to mimic realistic behaviour from real life racing and trying to make it available for more casual players.

Even though it is easy to learn the basics, it has a learning curve that rewards practice.

About the developer

I'm a solo developer from Finland. I have years of experience in game development and as software engineer.

All the 3D models, textures and programming work is done by me.


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Any questions?

Shoot me an email to, I'll be happy to answer them.