Frequently Asked Questions
Where do I download?

The game isn't publicly out yet

Well when will it come out then?

There's no release date yet, hopefully within the next year or two

What platforms will this be available on?

Windows, Linux and OSX releases are planned currently

Where will this be released?

Steam, at least

How much will the game cost?

Price isn't set yet

Will there be wheel support?

Any controller should work but there's no force feedback support planned

Will there be first person camera?

No, as it doesn't fit the style of the game

What kind of car types are planned?

There will be various racing cars, ranging from rallycross to openwheelers

Can the cars get damaged?

There are damage to the vehicles, visual and physical. Only suspension damage is implemented so far, but aero and engine damage are planned

Will there be 3rd party mod support?

Most likely no